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Hey guys Nick Calloway (World War Wrestling Commentator) here. Welcome to WWW UNOFFICIAL. Jake Pugh and I are here to bring you our honest views on everything World War Wrestling ranging from full show reports to interviews and beyond!...   First and foremost I am a Wrestling Fan. I have been since I was 4 Years old (now 31). As a Wrestling Fan most people assume that you follow either WWE(then WWF), WCW or ECW etc.I however used to watch all of them. As a Kid with the limited access to Wrestling I had, I made the most of what I was able to watch.   Watching the larger than life Athletes, the stories and interactions between Wrestlers, emotions, the Championships, the Evolution, the Fireworks, the wide variety of Matches! I was hooked!   I used to talk to My Grandparents and My Parents about the old World of Sport days, how Dad would go to the Cambridge Corn Exchange with my Nanna. Watching the greats. Jonny Saint, Marty Jones, Mick McManus, Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki. The list is endless!   Dad and I still talk now about the Wrestlers who would come over from all over the World to compete. The British Bulldogs, Owen and Bret Hart, Fit Finlay and countless others who became household names that I recognise as I got older and strangely enough some of my favourites!   2 years ago I was ready to put the Remote down and find something else to occupy the free time I would have if I stopped watching Wrestling altogether!   The Stories became boring, the emotions lacking and I didn't feel the same thrill or rush of Energy from watching it anymore. That is until I was asked if I fancied a trip to Gillingham (Kent) to go and watch a Wrestling show that a new Company were putting on. Their Debut Show infact (WWW1).   I had nothing better to do so I thought why not.   Witnessing World War Wrestling 1, I felt like a kid again as I do now watching back the DVDs of the Shows that have followed as well as later Working on the Shows on the Commentary Team alongside Dann Read and more recently El Toupee. Quite the odd Couple!   I am well and truly hooked on Wrestling again thanks to World War Wrestling.Currently afforded the opportunity to work as one of their Commentary Team. A Role I hold in the highest regard.   The future looks bright for British Wrestling!   I highly recommend as a Fan to other Fans young and old, new to Wrestling or having watched it for years! Come and watch one of World War Wrestling's Explosive Shows! I GUARANTEE after being part of it you will be stepping inside the War Zone time and time again and bringing Friends to see what all the fuss it about!   Thanks for Reading!   Please check back for regularly updated content!